For The Kids Foundation
Fighting Childhood Cancer

What's Been Provided So Far This Year:

Infant toys

Dozens of Books

So Many Stickers!!!

Hundreds of Treasure Chest Toys


Mini Basketballs

View Masters

Tons of Toys

Craft Paint
Construction Paper
Building Blocks
Doll House Accessories
Pencils, Pencil Boxes
Hundreds of Crayons
Clothing for the patients
Treasure Box Gifts
Father's Day Gifts
Mother's Day Gifts
Dinner for Patient's and Families
Hundreds of Band-Aids

Origami Paper

Tie Dye Kits

Stamp Pads in Various Colors

Ipad and Iphone chargers


A NEW message from the President for 2014...

It has been 7 years now since we started our Foundation to help kids who are battling cancer at the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. The flame for this Foundation was kindled as a result of our own child going through the trials and tribulations of fighting childhood cancer. Since its inception we have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars doing one thing; bringing smiles to the kids at the hospital.

After spending countless days in the hospital with my own child I realized that these kids are not only fighting for their lives, they are still kids, and still want to be kids. They still want to play and have a great time, they thrive on stimulation through interaction and even through their battle, they push on.

We have and continue to work with the staff at the hospital to continue to provide the much needed items that the kids need to help them get through treatment, procedures, hospital stays, clinic visits, blood transfusions, and more. Essentially we provide what they ask for, therapeutic items that Child Life Specialists use to help distract patients at various stages of treatment so that the patients experience is less traumatic.

We have seen this work first hand and I can attest to what it does for a child. As simple and silly as it sounds, hospitals do not provide band aids with child themes on them. The only band aids that hospitals provide are the sterile, plain brown ones. So that is where we come in; we conduct band aid drives soliciting anyone and everyone to donate child themed band aids or money that we use to buy them. For a child to be able to flip through and pick the child themed band aid they want works some unbelievable magic.

That is not all we do. We have done a lot more over the years and run several programs that continue each year. The board of directors budgets money for these programs to continue each and every year to ensure that the kids aren’t left alone. I encourage you to browse our website and see what else we do. Our "Events” page lists all that we have done and given, but really is just a scratch of the surface.

The "Spring Bling” page showcases our signature event that we hold each year. We transform the atrium of the hospital into a dance club for the kids where they can let loose and be themselves with no worries about what others think. Food, drink, fun, music, gifts and more are provided at no cost to those who attend.

What our board is also proud of is the fact that we operate entirely as a volunteer based organization. All of our staff are volunteers and nobody is compensated with money. The only pay we seek are the smiles that are brought to the faces of the kids. Our operating costs are low so that more money can be spent on those who need it the most, the kids. Hence our name, For The Kids Foundation.

As I have said for years, this is much more than just doing something good, this is a passion that we will not stop. We will keep going as long as we can, as hard as we can, with no intention of stopping. Help us fulfill our mission, For The Kids!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us, go to the contact us page for information to get in touch with us.


-Sean Hoover

Our foundation has been awarded the Guidestar seal of approval. Guidestar is a watch dog type of organization for nonprofit organizations. Guidestar is committed to reviewing the structure, documents and works of nonprofits to ensure that they are transparent and operate at a level to fulfill their mission.


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For The Kids Foundation

Each year thousands of children are seen in the Hematology / Oncology section at The Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida for treatment. Hundreds more are hospitalized for treatment. Many think that these children are too sick to play; truth is that these kids still have energy and often get bored being in the hospital. The For The Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization that believes in the healing power of smiling and laughter.
Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to the pediatric patients at The Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida. The entertainment and activities provided by our foundation help distract the children from the medical treatment that they receive. Our goal is to provide the activities and entertainment while supporting the Child Life Specialists at the hospital. We help create a fun, child friendly atmosphere at The Golisano Children's Hospital and provide items to make children feel more comfortable and relaxed during their stay at the hospital or while they get their treatment. With your assistance, we can help these children win the battle against childhood cancer and blood disorders.